Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano Gym: Bad Design

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If you have not heard of the Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano Gym, I will say I love it. This play gym has served my 8 month old since he was a newborn. The toy arch is adjustable as well as the piano. The flexibility has given this play mat the opportunity to grow with Kamden. I really do love this concept of a play mat. We get more bang for our buck! Who doesn’t want that?! I do want to shed light on the bad design in this play mat.

Bad Design?

Yes, the manufacturers have a major design flaw. Kamden is now sitting up deeming the toy arch useless. He scooches and almost crawls his way to whatever he needs. The time of dangling toys above his head has come to a halt. You can easily remove the arch and take the toys off. Super simple. If you want to take JUST the piano and not everything it is attached to, you are SOL. (Sh** out of luck) Unless you break it, it does not come apart.

I phone Fisher Price after a good 30 minutes of attempting to disassemble and a good 30 to 45 minutes of googling. I was informed that it is a “one time” assembly. What does that mean? Once it is put together, it is meant to stay together.

I have sat and tried to figure out why. Why would you create a product that becomes bulky and difficult to store? Why would you not allow the piano to come off so that a toddler could enjoy it? Fisher Price could not answer any of my whys.


I suppose you could always break it? I just simply took the arch off and sit Kamden up in front of the piano. It is yes bulky but it still serves its purpose this way. As long as Kamden can benefit from it, we will use it. Once he outgrows it, we will pass it down to the next baby in our family.

Looking Ahead

I hope Fisher Price realizes their mistake down the line and fixes it. Having a baby means giving up half of your house. We need items we can easily break down and store. Whether we are saving it for our next child or to donate or pass along.

Let me know in the comments if you have this play mat and what you think of it! How does this bad design effect you and your kids?

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2 thoughts on “Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano Gym: Bad Design

  1. My daughter had this in the pink when she was a baby, Im sure we still even have the pano knocking around somewhere. Whilst I am nclined to agree with you, I disgaree as it is only a small thing and can be removed, plus it is designed to grow with your child , hencethe removable piano. Nonetheless a great and honest review. xx

    1. Our piano doesn’t separate from the actual rest of the play mat. Does yours? We don’t have a large house so we have to have as much space as we can. I think if we had a shed or garage it might be different. Our closest are stuffed full at the moment lol

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